How do your customers see you?


Do you want to make sure displays are set up properly? Promotions are running properly and effectively?  Products are placed and merchandised correctly?  We also perform audits to make sure staff/stores are following the correct guidelines.


Call us to help ease your workload with a professional auditors.



We offer Customer Training 101, a basic and effective course for new staff members and those who have received customer complaints.


We also training your staff to perform to your standards and improve mystery shopping scores leading to better overall service.




We provide Mystery Shoppers to come and evaluate your service products. Whether you are retail, fast food or fine dinning we can provide shoppers to match you needs.


We provide hidden cameras at your request to capture  jestures, eye contact and body language.  Interested?  Email us today!




Do you want to earn a little extra cash? Do you enjoy shopping?  Then mystery shopping is for you!  Make some money while enjoying dinner or shopping in luxury stores. 


A training session must be attended before you are able to begin.  This course is free of charge.


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